Monday, November 29, 2010

Mae: Week 7 weigh-in

Annie and I have chatted quite a bit about different things that can trip up a program, especially after my meltdown last week. One thing that she mentioned to me was sodium, and how much of it there is in things like pop (I think Annie has a pretty good grasp on all the not-so-great junky stuff that I consume).  I didn't do anything very different this week except add a bit more exercise and cut back on diet drinks. I have control over my sodium intake in most other respects because I would estimate that I make close to 70% of everything we eat at home (bread, soup, dinner every night, etc). Here's a pretty good article on the matter:

I have been feeling a little 'bloaty' lately (post coming on that), but much less so right now, so maybe that was part of my problem. In any case, I'm happier this week than last! 

Weigh-in: -3.4
Loss to date: 13

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  1. Annie sez: CONGRATULATIONS!!! For the great loss this week, yes, but mostly for having beaten that plateau!

    So many people (including both of us, likely, 6 months ago) would have let it win, but you didn't. That is HUGE.

    I think Mister was on to something when he said "We're not those people anymore!"