Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mae: Week 5 weigh-in

Blah. Meh. Hiss. Growl. I was in no state of mind to post my sucky results yesterday (I went home after a frustrating day at work on two hours sleep to cry for an hour). I won't lie, I'm pretty frustrated after two less than stellar weeks. I shouldn't be so complainy I suppose: at least I'm not up. But I need to be down more per week than this, otherwise, I'll need to rename this The 50 Year Project.

Weigh-in : -0.8
Loss to date: -10.8

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  1. Annie sez: I'm going to tell you something you may feel free to tell me back when I inevitably am feeling the way you are: stick to the program, and believe that you'll lose in the long run. We both know what happens when we go off the program, and it isn't losing weight. So 0.8 (which is pretty much a pound) down is awesome.

    As are you!