Monday, November 15, 2010

Annie: Week 5 weigh-in

Aah, now that's better!

But I know it's only temporary vindication... next week will be water-weight hell again.

There were a couple of differentiating factors this week vs. last, which I'll have to track longer-term to see if they really made a difference.

1) The Flex points.

This week, I ate 15 of my Flex points, whereas in previous weeks I hadn't really been eating them. I wasn't opposed to eating them - I just wasn't eating enough during the day to need them, so it was either not use them or use them for the sake of it to eat crap.

This week, I ate more during the day, so had to dip into Flex points to have enough at supper/evening snack to keep me satisfied till bedtime.

2) The bananas.

Bananas are binding, and last week I ate too many of them (between the daily banana in the afternoon and the Hungry Girl Top Banana Bread I was eating most days for breakfast). As a result, when I weighed in last week, I was feeling a little, well, bound. Haha! This week, not... 'nuff said.

Lost this week: 5.6
Lost so far: 17.2
Still remaining: 82.8
Activity points earned this week: 15
Weeks to go: 47


  1. Yahoo! But don't diss bananas, they are so good for you - and Rafa likes them!

  2. Annie sez: Haha, no, no, of course I didn't mean to diss bananas! I love bananas (not quite as much as I loves me my Rafa, but that's off topic). And in fact, when I look back at the journal, there were actually numerous days in the previous week when I had the banana bread in the a.m., a banana in the afternoon to hold me till dinner, and then another one in the evening, eaten dipped in Jello fat-free chocolate pudding (chocolate fondue-ish, 3 points!!).

    The problem wasn't bananas, it was too many bananas!

    Just had one for lunch - but will skip tonight after supper. :o)