Saturday, November 13, 2010

Annie: Why this HAS to work this time.

I have a little pocket "points" calculator I bought many years ago, which I keep in the kitchen. (I use the iWatchr app on my iPhone for points calculations in the supermarket.)

It's become a natural part of cooking again - calculating ingredient points and tracking them on a little slip of paper, to be entered later in my online journal at

This morning, Child came to me with my little calculator in hand, and said "Here Mom, I found your kakky-lator that tells you how much food you can have."

It's no longer something I can hide from Child - Mum doesn't have a normal relationship with food, and can't decide for herself what she can and can't eat.

I need to get my s**t together for good, now, so I can set a good example.

I mean, other than keeping Child alive, what other job do I have that's more important?


  1. Mae sez: Annie, why do you think you're not setting a good example now? Being vigilant about both how much and *what* we out into our mouths is important (c.f. that whole cookie monster schmozzle): whether for weight loss or for general health. Someone may also need a kakky-lator to determine how much sodium or cholesterol is tolerable for them for the day/week, whatever. When munchkin gets a little older, I'm sure munchkin will notice a lot of other people in the grocery store pouring over the details on the sides of boxes with gadgets in hand (I sure do!)

  2. Annie sez: Good points! Thanks! (Also, thanks for using "c.f." - I think it is mightily underused, haha!