Monday, November 8, 2010

Mae: Week 4 weigh-in

Annie mentioned some weigh-in day rituals a few posts back, and I have to admit that if ever there were a day that I needed to whip one out, today would be it. Mr. P showed up yesterday, and it's one of the most effective ways to completely through off a weigh-in and leave you feeling defeated about your apparent lack of progress. 

The last time I did WW and lost a bunch of weight, I was living in Ottawa and took advantage of an express meeting that was available downtown and just a couple of minutes from where I was working. It was pretty convenient, but it was the first time that I had a mid-day weigh-in, which really freaked me out. I didn't eat or drink anything all morning, and drank dandelion tea (a known diuretic) the night before. I tend to not do any of these things anymore because in the end (i.e. next Thanksgiving) the loss will be what it will be. Sure, some of these measures may offer some relief for a week, but in my experience, it will catch up with you the next. I do remember one meeting where I went through all of my usual rituals but ended up bursting into tears upon learning that I had not only not lost anything, but was up about 4 pounds. How is that even possible (I bawled)?! This particular leader told me that it wasn't uncommon for women to gain up to 6 pounds of 'weight' due to water retention when having their periods. It made me feel a bit better, but I was down a lot the following week. Like I said, it all works out. 

Ten pounds down has a nice ring to it. If I were going to meetings, I think I'd get a ribbon for that. So - yay! Also, this is the first week that I haven't eaten every single bonus point; I think I had 14 left over. That's unusual for me, as I usually eat whatever I can (a future post to come on this topic, as I've learned that Annie and I approach this very differently). 

It's not like I haven't earned any activity points, but so far, it's been limited to yoga. Yoga is not exactly what I'd call strenuous exercise, but that's also not why I'm doing it. Anyway, The Mister is out of town this week, and I hope to get back on the horse and establish a routine while he's away. 

Weigh-in: -0.6
Loss to date: -10

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  1. Annie sez: Just think how happy we'll both be next week, when we're rewarded for this week! :o)

    We do approach the flex points differently - I'm brewing a post about that too, haha! But I did want to clarify that I'm not purposely not using flex points (ie I don't think I can't use them, or even that it's ideal not to use them) - I just haven't gotten the planning thing down quite properly yet.

    I'm not looking for food during the day, particularly, because I'm too busy -but I know that evening is when I want to eat. So I tend to save up my points during the day to be able to eat them at night. I talked to my WW leader about that last time around, and she said that while it is of course better to eat earlier in the day and then taper off at night, in the end if eating your points at night helps you stay on program, it's better to do that.

    Now that I'm realizing I don't really want to have 20 points left when I get home from work, I've started eating more at lunch - so have been using some flex points.

    That said, I have an issue with flex points math - which will be the subject of my post!