Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mae: Week 15 weigh-in

So yeah . . . about last week. I apologize, gentle (two) readers for my pitiful and pissy attitude.  It wasn't one of my proudest moments. And I have a confession.

My pity party continued throughout the day last Tuesday, and on my way home from work, I stopped at Laura Secord and got a double scoop ice cream cone. It was ok, but not as spectacular as the amount of Points I blew on it. Then, I bought a bag of kettle chips (NOT baked, but the super fatty bad-for-you ones) and brought those home to share with The Mister. Needless to say, it was a disaster. I considered 'writing it off' and not journaling it. But I reconsidered and entered everything that I shoved down my gullet. It was frightening.


I ate 86 points in one day. Panic ensued. I'd blown all of my precious bonus points in one bingey hour, and had a whole week to look forward to of no extras or treats. But I did it! And it may not have been a half-bad lesson to learn, because what I ended up doing is what the program is designed for: I ate tons of fruit and vegetables because I had no other choice if I didn't want to starve. Lesson learned, and I am now snacking on cherries, apples, carrots (with my very delish Cook's Illustrated Light Blue Cheese Dip) and peppers. I don't know why, but I didn't fully embrace this at the start, but now I get it.

So I have a much better result this week, but I know that there will be more week 14's to come. Hopefully, I'll be better equipped : )

Weigh-in: -3.8
Loss to date: 19
Activity Points: 4
Pounds to go: 63


  1. Annie sez: AWESOME!! I am so glad you were rewarded for persevering over the last couple of weeks, despite Tuesday!

    What's most important is that you journaled it - that takes guts and commitment. On many of my previous attempts before this one, I would have a day like that and do the opposite: NOT journal, NOT be accountable... and NOT get back on the program. I'd be right off the rails for at least a couple of weeks, and often longer. And the pounds would just pile back on... beyond where I'd started.

    You found the guts not to let a brief setback sabotage you - I hope you're as impressed with you as I am!

  2. I second that motion!

    Way to go, Mae!

  3. This post actually motivated me to move my finger to the very top right of the page and actually sign into my google account... Good for you for sticking to program and adding those points. Not only did you account for them but like a catholic confessional came on here and actually admitted to your "moment of weakness". Good job!!!