Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mae: Week 13 weigh-in & a GOAL!

Bah. I'm so lame for not having reported in this week. It doesn't mean that I'm not sticking with it: quite the contrary, actually. I am still really liking the new program, though it doesn't appear to have made any real difference in terms of weight loss (this is based more on my pre-week 14 weigh-in than last week). I wasn't expecting a different result, but my GOD I must have put away 300 pounds of fruit in the last two weeks. I should have paid more attention to Annie's earlier post about bananas - eesh. Lesson learned.

So my exciting news is that I finally made it in to see my doctor to discuss a reasonable goal weight. To be honest, I've never really pinpointed a goal weight before partly because the WW-imposed goal weight is laughable and highly discouraging. At the highest end of the scale, I am supposed to weigh around 146 pounds. Hmmmm, too bad I didn't keep my clothes from grade 8! I weighed around 175 at my lightest within the last 10 years, and I felt really good at that weight. My doctor agreed, so my goal is a good 30+ pounds over what WW says it should be, resulting in a total loss of 82 pounds. So now I feel like I have a bit more perspective, and something concrete to work toward.

Weigh-in: -1.2
Loss to date: 16
Pounds to go: 66

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