Friday, January 14, 2011

Annie: Scaling down

I was all set to hit Costco this weekend to buy a new scale, when it struck me that my poor, ignored Wii Fit setup downstairs has a very precise scale.

So I headed to the Wii first thing this morning, and found that I'm now down 42 from my original weight!

I don't know how long my scale has been off, but I suspect I've been mis-reporting my weights for more than the week-and-a-half since I noticed something was wrong.

At any rate, it feels good to kick a few extra "freebie" pounds to the curb!


  1. I hope my Mii was smiling and jumping up and down for you!!

  2. Haha - actually, she threw her hands in the air and did back flips! Child's did too! :o)

  3. (Of course, I was down 31 or something since the last time I'd weighed in... ha)

  4. Mae sez: Duh! I cannot believe I forgot that the balance board is a very accurate scale. Glad you didn't listen to me ; )