Monday, January 31, 2011

Annie: Weigh-in week 16

It was a good week - motivation very likely spurred by last week's nonsense gain.

I have news to report on the sports injury front which I'll get into later this week (how sad is it that I'm a tiny bit proud of having a minor sports injury? ha!), but my great news of the week is that my doctor was able to cut my blood pressure meds almost in half - and despite that, my blood pressure was still 118/81 yesterday!

I go back in a couple of weeks for her to check on it, and given yesterday's reading I suspect she'll make another cut, leaving me at one pill per day as opposed to the three I was taking when this project began.

I am SO happy!

For now, here are the stats.

Loss this week: 4.2 
Lost so far: 45.5
Still remaining: 54.5
Activity points earned this week: 15
Weeks to go: 36


  1. Blood pressure reading - another way to measure success without the scale! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

  2. Mae sez: that this life change is having such a profound impact on your health is truly amazing, Annie. You have everything to be happy about!

  3. Great news and a great loss this week!