Monday, January 10, 2011

Annie: Weigh-in week 13

I'm not sure what to tell you about my result this week - my scale has decided to become flaky. I must have weighed myself at least 10 times, and I don't think I ever got the same weight twice (consecutively, anyway). They ranged between having lost 1.8 and 5.8 -- the latter of which I'm pretty sure is impossible, given I haven't had anything amputated this week.

I tried changing the battery on the scale -- it was 8 years old, at least -- but that didn't seem to change anything.

At least I will be hitting a meeting on Wednesday night, so I'll be able to track my loss since the previous Wednesday (though of course the meeting weigh-ins don't happen in the nude or on an empty stomach!).

Otherwise, it's been a good week, the highlight of which was the after-meeting sushi I shared with Mae and another friend of ours after last Wednesday's meeting.  :o)

On another note: week 13 marks the 25% mark in our year-long project. We're a quarter of the way there!
Lost this week: 1.8 (?)
Lost so far: 36
Still remaining: 64
Activity points earned this week: 20
Weeks to go: 39

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