Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mae: Week 14 weigh-in

I was thinking of titling this post: All pain, no loss. I'm up 0.8 pounds this week and pretty pissed off. Under other circumstances, this wouldn't have bothered me as much as it does today. That's because this past week, I logged more activity points than ever (24, which is  a record for me) and ended the week with points left over, which never happens. I've kept on top of all my health checks and (gag) ingested way more dairy than I ever would otherwise to keep 'on program.' I even left Friday night happy hour to come home and finish my last Wii Fit workout of my three week program at 10:00 p.m. because I was motivated to accomplish that goal. It was a puke-worthy experience, but I finished every single exercise.

In my current and fleeting moment of weakness and despair, I wonder what the point is of all this struggling, depravation, sweat, and yes, even tears, really is. In the end, I really have no reason not to stick with it, and I'll likely regret posting this the second after I press 'send.' But it's how I'm feeling right now, and it sucks. Sorry for being such a debbie downer.

Weigh-in: +0.8
Loss to date: 15.2
Activity Points: 24
Pounds to go: 66.8


  1. Mae, Mae, Mae,

    Don't give up and don't be so focused on the scale. I know you need to measure progress but weight isn't the only way, and in my opinion not the best way. It is a good way to track weekly progress but every week you won't lose, you know that, and you can't let it get you down. I suspect the increase in exercise has a lot to do with it - maybe water too, I don't know what time of month it is! When I trained for my marathon, I increased my weekly mileage significantly over 4 months (and I certainly didn't eat that many more calories - and to challenge the new WW program, I ate craploads of carbs (runners just have to)) and I didn't lose any weight at all - but my clothes did fit better - muscle weighs a lot more than fat is all!

    If you haven't already, measure yourself in the 4 or 5 key areas and don't recheck until 30 days later. These results come more slowly but mean a lot more. I am sure you'll feel better about those monthly results. Isn't that really what matters anyway?! I weigh about 30lbs more than the average person wearing my size of clothes but I don't care!

    Keep your head up and don't forget you've already lost 15 which is something to be very proud of.


  2. Annie sez: Mae, read your own first paragraph back to yourself: you're increasing your exercise, you're drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy, limiting alcohol, and setting AND MEETING tough activity-related goals. And you're wondering what's the point? That IS the point! :o)

    Mo is absolutely right. The scale is the easiest measure we have, so we use it - but it's far from the only (or the best) measure we have. You have lost 15 pounds, and you look like you've lost more than that. And you must be feeling better than you were 15 pounds ago, because clothes fit better and you're just more fit!

    We knew when we made this commitment to each other that it wouldn't be easy and it wouldn't come quickly - and we were right. But we're 14 weeks in, and we're doing great.

    While you said you expected you'd regret having posted this post, I'm glad you did. Our blog stats show that we have readers here and there around the world, and I think you're doing them a favour by showing how easy this ISN'T. And how you keep going, week after week, despite the lack of big short-term rewards many weeks.

    I think you rock, and I'm so happy to be sharing this very difficult project with you. <3

  3. Mae sez: oh you two...what would i do without you? thanks for your words of wisdom and encouragement. i'm such a spazbot, and i'm so grateful that you PUT UP WITH ME!

    so here's a true story from today that annie, specifically, will enjoy. i absent-mindedly got up from my desk too quickly and clocked myself so hard in the head on my overhead shelf that i saw spots for a minute. then, the card that annie gave me last year (that i have framed) came tumbling own on my desk (unharmed-yay!) and was staring me straight in the face:

    "sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it." indeed. i'll consider it a sign. thanks annie ; )