Monday, January 24, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 15

This is a week for me to take my own advice and put my GAIN behind me.

I followed the program like a good little disciple, I had 43 bonus points left on the table at the end of the week (in ADDITION to the 25 activity points I earned and didn't use), and I gained 0.2 pounds. It's proof positive that the scale isn't the be-all-and-end-all; I'm not going to get uptight about it.

Though it does piss me off.

Good news from this week: on my last three treadmill sessions, I actually felt like my body was finding a rhythm on my running minutes. Not that it was easy or that I felt like I could run a 5K tomorrow (not entirely sure I'll ever feel that way!), but it seemed like somehow my body figured out when and how each part was supposed to move to make running work efficiently. I increased my speed a tiny bit, to 4.5 mph, and am not sure whether that had anything to do with it -- it might have.  But whatever it is, I'll take it.  It felt good.

I've discovered two additional advantages of my double-accountability program these days (in which I have to report in to this blog on Mondays but then weigh in again at a meeting on Wednesdays):

1 - I don't feel like all is lost with a nonsensical gain on Monday - I have a second chance for a result I'll like on Wednesday.  And if I don't get a loss on Wednesday, I'll only have 5 more days to go until I weigh on Monday.

2 - It keeps me a little more honest. I'm less apt to give myself more rope on Monday because my next weigh-in is so far away - because it isn't anymore. Ditto on Wednesday; I could give myself some slack on Thursday, but then it's the weekend and I don't dare use any unnecessary points that I might need if something fun comes up (which I never allow it to, because I weigh again on Monday!).

Ain't that grand?

You're up, Mae - I hope you got the loss you deserved this week!

Change this week: UP 0.2
Lost so far: 41.3
Still remaining: 58.7
Activity points earned this week: 25
Weeks to go: 37

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  1. Mae sez: You're right, Annie, this is but a teeny tiny blip, and you've earned WW superstar status in my books. I've really slacked off on the exercise this week, and am still in awe of the amount that you get in every week.