Monday, December 13, 2010

Mae: Week 9 weigh-in

Pretty mediocre results yet again, and I'd be lying if I told you that this isn't really starting to bother me and undermine my confidence.  I'm averaging 1.6 pounds per week, and given the amount of work I'm putting into this, I thought it would be better. Exercise has dropped off again while our basement is undergoing a bit of a reno. I'm sure that getting that on track would help a bit? Also, Weight Watchers has (very stupidly, in my opinion) decided to roll out the new plan (in meetings) during Christmas. Yep, you heard that right folks - Christmas. So I won't be starting the new plan until January. I'm hoping that it will make a difference, but who knows. Sigh. 

Weigh-in: -1.2
Loss to date: 15


  1. Annie sez:

    Don't get down - 1.2 is good! It's 1.2 less than last week, and you're down 15 pounds! That's excellent; keep it going!

    If you just kept going at this rate, you'd be down 83.2 by Thanksgiving - and if I'm not mistaken, that's even more than you'd planned, is it not? And even if not, it'd have to be damned close... 83.2 is nothing to sneeze at, or be disappointed by, at least in my books!

    Of three things I am sure:

    1) Being able to get back on your treadmill *will* help immensely - it only makes sense, right?

    2) While the WW rollout-over-Christmas decision is, I agree, ridiculous, I can attest to the fact that the new program really does work (see below), and, I think, better than the old one.

    3) You rock.

  2. Mae sez: Oh Annie, whatever would I do without you and your positive and wise words of wisdom. It's all about perspective, isn't it? And to be honest, I have been having the most spectacularly awful week, and it's possible (ha!) that it may have clouded my post.

    In my rush to get post my results, I didn't have a chance to see your post. AMAZING. I'm so glad not only because it's wicked progress, but also because it reinforces that the system works. EAT THOSE POINTS! ; )