Monday, December 13, 2010

Annie: It only takes a moment

After work today, I came home to get dinner ready for the family - Husband was off picking Child up from daycare. I had the house to myself.

As I set about getting things going, I noticed one of those big cardboard cups of popcorn like you get at the fair (Child had picked it up yesterday at Husband's office Christmas party). It was full of that wonderful, salty-as-all-hell, artificially-flavoured buttery goodness you remember from back when it wasn't illegal for the movie theatres to serve up servings of 50 cups of popcorn that could kill you.

In what seems now like a completely thoughtless gesture, I reached in and grabbed a mouthful - and then another, then another.

Then, the awful snacker's remorse hit - so I took another two mouthfuls.

I immediately realized the effect the snacker's remorse had had, and experienced a moment of clarity: it was either keep eating, or not.

So I chose not.

But I shivered at the thought of just how little it takes for me to slide back to my old way of thoughtless eating.

I was relieved to learn (when I went to journal it online later) that my cup or so of that sinful popcorn had only set me back two Points+; I actually felt like I'd gotten a second chance.

The key will be to keep conscious, so I don't blow it. 

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