Thursday, December 16, 2010

Annie: Man, that was GOOD.

I forced myself out of bed early this morning so I could hit the treadmill (3 days in a row - tomorrow morning I sleep in!). As I drove Child to daycare on my way to work, two thoughts struck me almost simultaneously:

1) I'm hungry, and forgot to bring something for breakfast, and
2) It has been two months since I last had a Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich.

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Now, given that two months have passed since this behaviour, I can admit to you now that before I began this year-long project, I probably ate those suckers at least three times a week. At least. Like, probably four.

I love them. While the one in the picture has sausage (which, for the record, I despise, whether on program or not), I like them with just egg and cheese, on that lovely biscuit which mysteriously tastes a bit like onions. Mmmmm.

So I thought, what's the harm? I've only used 2 of my Weekly Points Allowance (i.e. the points formerly known as FlexPoints), and it's better to eat at least some of them than not to...let's do it!

So I did. And it was just as delectably delicious as I'd remembered... maybe even more so because I hadn't had one in so long!

The best news of all: it was only 10 Points+! I mean, that's not nothing, but in a world of 9-point muffins, it's really not bad at all. Some good protein, some dairy, and I still have plenty of Points+ left for the day. I'll very likely dip into the WPA bank, but I wouldn't have to - this is a great position to be in. Awesome breakfast, no eater's remorse.

My birthday is around two months from now.... think I'll do it again then. Yum!

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  1. Considering my "points friendly" egg muffin sandwich is 7 points I think I'm going to spring for the extra 3 and eat Timmies!