Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Annie: Distrustful

OK, I know it's only day 2 of the new program, but I am having a tough time getting around how I'm going to lose any weight on this thing.

I've had:
  • supper (a very satisfying one of grilled cheese sandwiches - yes, that's plural - and vegetable soup)
  • a banana mid-afternoon
  • WW Smart Ones microwave mini pizzas for lunch
  • (early start - no time for breakfast - I know, I know!)
... and I still have 18 Points+ LEFT for the day?

That can't be right.

And if I add more fruits & veg to reach my required daily number of servings? No matter - they're free, so they don't help me get to my daily target.

A points allocation like this could lead someone to just round out the day with 18 Points+ worth of crap - and I'm pretty sure that's not what the program was designed to do.

I know the answer is to eat more, earlier in the day, but as this program is about fitting healthier eating in with your lifestyle, I will always prefer to trade breakfast for an extra 10 minutes of sleep. I tear out of here in the morning in a blast of mayhem - it's a wonder I have all my clothes on, much less remember to take something to eat in the car for breakfast.

Get better-organized, you say? Get up a bit earlier? Sure. I'll be 42 before long... if I can teach myself not to eat like a 12-year-old left home alone for the weekend, and if I can actually run that 5K in May, maybe I can teach myself to get my act together in the mornings, too. From where I'm sitting right now, it would appear to be the most achievable of the three!

In the meantime, I am going to be very, very interested to see what the scale has to say next Monday.


  1. I think you guys are brave for starting this new program when you know the old one works. I say if you don't have good results in the 1st 2 weeks on this new program, go back to the old one even if you have to do it on your own (if the online tools no longer work). You know it and you're confident it will work if you stick to it.

    And EAT BREAKFAST!!! Even if it's just a banana in the car - I know you're sitting in traffic and able to sling back a nana - move it up earlier in the day and eat something different for your afternoon snack so you don't get sick of them.

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know. The good news is, I had bought a couple of boxes of the WW egg mcmuggin ripoffs when we were in America a few weeks ago, so I've had those the last two mornings and they are wonderful!

    The even better news is that Mae tells me we can now buy these here in town, too, so I won't run out once my America supply is gone!

    I was thinking about that "do I go back to the old program" business this morning, and I really don't know if I can go back to pen and paper. It is so very convenient to have all the math done for me (math is hard, haha!).

    I didn't trust Flex Points for a very long time, either - like Child, I just have to learn to accept change (a bit, anyway!). We'll see how bad it gets!

    On the positive side, Mae and I had a fabulous sushi feast last night - went over my Points+ for the day, and even dipped into the bank! The program gods would be so proud...