Monday, December 6, 2010

Annie: Weigh-in week 8

MAE!  We've been on program for eight weeks, and we're still here!

This week was kind of weird. First of all, I was trying to eat up things that were friendly to the old program and which I knew wouldn't be friendly to the new one (goodbye, my fair Kettle Bakes! OP: 4.5 pts  per half-bag, NP: 7 pts+ per half-bag).

Secondly, my exercise routine was interrupted by Child's unbelievable stomach flu, which hit around midnight Friday night and lasted until Sunday. While I didn't manage to get on either the bike or the treadmill on Saturday, I did do about 20 flights of stairs with laundry. Does that count? I'm saying yes, unofficially.

Thirdly, on Saturday I was consumed with washing Child, bedsheets, clothing (Child's and mine), and carpets, so spent a fair part of the day in barf. When not IN barf, thinking about barf, and smelling barf. So I wasn't all that hungry (make a note of that: on bad craving days, head to the local drunk tank!), and left about 8 of my daily points on the table. Not good.

Anyway, this is another week, and I'm blindly feeling my way around the new program. I had made plans for Child to go to Grandma's on Wednesday so I could attend a meeting with my favourite leader from back in 2003 to get the scoop on the whole new deal - but a friend let me know that for some reason, meetings in my town aren't rolling out the new program until the week of December 20th.

Yes, that's right - two weeks AFTER the online tools are made available to use, and in the week that contains Christmas.  WTF?

Oh well. I'll get there when I get there. In the meantime, Mae showed me how I can change my iWatchr app to calculate the new points - that and the WW website will have to hold me until then.

Lost this week: 1.6
Lost so far: 24
Still remaining: 76
Activity points earned this week: 9
Weeks to go: 44

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