Sunday, December 5, 2010

Annie: Treadmill

We bought a new treadmill a couple of weeks ago (smokin' deal at Canadian Tire), but it took us until this week to get a plastic runner to go under it. (The faithful Mo had advised it was a good idea to avoid putting a treadmill directly on carpet, which I have in my basement - the little fibres get sucked into it and can clog up the works over time.)

So today was my first activity points session on it - and I have to say, it was far, far more enjoyable than the same 35 minutes on my bike. I don't know whether it's because it's all new, but I actually enjoyed it!

I started out doing 3.5 mph, and quickly realized that wasn't going to be sustainable for 35 minutes, so slowed it down to 3.2, then back up gradually to 3.4, where I spent about 15 minutes before slowing down again.

My bad knee is quite stiff tonight - not great. But the good news is I was able to get booked for a cortisone shot just before Christmas, so hopefully that'll make the knee a little more cooperative for another few months.

It was satisfying to know I was sustaining a pace. That was one of the things that bugged me about the bike - every once in a while I'd catch myself slacking a bit, and would wonder how long I'd been doing that. This way, I'll at least be able to hold myself accountable for every session.

I hate calling it a "workout," it seems so lame. What's a better thing to call it, that doesn't make me think of the hairy spandex-clad ape-men at the Gold's Gym I attended for a very brief time in Montreal in the late 80s?

I have 8 points left for today, but am scared to eat them because they'll show up on the scale in the morning. But I left points on the table yesterday, too (story will follow, with my weigh-in tomorrow), so that's not a good idea.

Hmmm. What to eat?

Nighty-night, blog.

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