Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mae: I'm back

Hellooooo people! I'm back to my native and frigid surroundings after what turned out to be a pretty fan-frickin-tastic vacation. I'll wait to report on my real weigh-in on Tuesday, but I did weigh within 5 minutes of getting home yesterday, and looks like I'm up about 3 or so pounds. I'm surprisingly ok with that, and in the end allowed myself to have a pretty good time (thank you Annie and Mo!).

I had two cupcakes from the exclusive 'Cupcake Cupboard.' I would normally want two a day!

I made a trip to the very well-equipped 'Ship-Shape Center' (ha!) on the first afternoon to hear about the programs offered. Yoga and spin classes, for example, were offered for a fee, but I chose to take my 'cruise vacation nickle-and-diming' at the bar. I took advantage of the freely-available cardio and free weight equipment instead. I chose to go between 7:45 - 8:00 a.m. and could barely get into the place! It was packed. ALWAYS. This is the first time I've ever made my way to the gym on a cruise, and didn't realize that so many people actually go there. During the gym orientation, the head beefcake told everyone that most people average between one to two pounds of weight gain a day. Ok, so there was some additional motivation.

While there, I made an interesting observation. I noticed that the 'Ship-Shape Center' was full of fit people; people who were likely fit precisely because of their dedication to personal wellness despite a pretty decadent vacation. Hmmmm. It's easy for the snarky me to be fooled into thinking that all those skinny people around the pool are just blessed with good genes, when in fact, many of them were simply working their asses off in the morning before the hung-over masses even stumbled into the greasy breakfast buffet. I ended up going three times for an hour each time.

Royal Caribbean offers an alternative 'vitality' menu in the evenings, which includes healthier choices complete with caloric information. I ate from this menu on most evenings and the food was still great. I didn't feel disgustingly full like I have on previous trips, and on some occasions we shared dessert instead of getting one each. I only ate three times a day, and not all day and night long. We did order room service late one night (because you can, and it's free), and it was waaaaaay too much bad food. I didn't eat any of the dessert, left my greasy artichoke/spinach dip appetizer on the plate, and ended up eating just a bit of chicken and drinking tea. Most of it went back out into the hall, and I didn't care in this instance about wastage. Better out there than on my arse.

Now I obviously wasn't a saint because I did gain weight, and I drink a lot of colourful and delicious cocktails. However, I'm back on program today and looking forward to my Wednesday-evening debrief with Annie tonight.



  1. Awesome, Mae! Welcome back, we missed you!


  2. Annie sez:

    Hahahahahaha! "Head beefcake"!

    It's awesome to have you home, but I'm glad you had such a great vacation... you needed it! And you found exactly the right balance between treating yourself and looking after yourself. Victory!

    Also, while she didn't say it, I'm fairly certain the Faithful Mo would have heartily approved of your choice to spend your money at the bar rather than on spin classes. :o)

  3. The Mo heartily approves indeed!