Monday, February 21, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 19

Oy, this is getting long. But I think I've figured out why I've stalled like this (beyond the regular I-had-a-good-plateau-coming thing).

I have to set the scene by stating that I haven't been cheating, haven't stopped measuring portions, haven't reduced the intensity of my exercise. I have been following this program to the letter throughout this business of barely losing any weight.

I have, I have to admit, been consuming the majority of my points after 7pm, though, so that will be the next thing I address in the hopes of breaking up this dam.

But there's another factor I think is having an impact: medicine.

When I started this program, I was on a combination of two blood pressure medications -- one a beta blocker, the other, a diuretic.

I blogged a few weeks back about how happy I was that my Dr. had cut one of my meds in half -- that was the beta blocker. But a couple of weeks ago, I started feeling a bit light-headed, and my blood pressure readings were fairly low, for me anyway (102/68, for instance). So my Dr. took me off the diuretic.

See where I'm going?

That happened to take place during my water week - so my weigh-in had reflected some water loss that likely wasn't real weight loss (which would have shown back up on the scale a couple of days later). Then, I stopped taking a diuretic that had been a normal part of my routine for years before that -- so it stands to reason that I'd be retaining more water now, right?

I'm telling myself that my weight is stuck like this because my body is re-configuring the water stores; it makes me feel better about how long it's taking me to get to this freaking 50-pound mark!

This morning, Husband, Child and I are off to America for a couple of days. Those shopping trips used to be all about 2-point packages of snacks, but since new program, they're not worth the PP anymore.

So this week's shopping list includes a new bathroom scale, and a pretty outfit to wear to a fancy evening event I'll be attending in late April. I'm going to gamble and buy one that's a bit tight, in the hopes I can break through this dam and have it fit nicely by then!

Loss this week: 0.4
Lost so far: 48.6
Still remaining: 51.4
Activity points earned this week: 20
Weeks to go: 33

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  1. Mae sez: we've discussed and I agree that this is a very logical conclusion. It makes sense that you're not getting rid of as much water as you used to. I'm sure this will change as your body gets used to functioning independently of the medication!