Monday, February 28, 2011

Annie: Weigh-in week 20

Well, I hope that's the last of the plateau for the next little while - that was mentally exhausting.

There are a few reasons I might have finally broken through this week:
  1. I cut out all eating after 8pm, and focused on getting my PP in earlier in the day. As a likely consequence, I felt even hungrier than usual, which may have led to...
  2. I ate almost half my "weekly points allowance" over and above my daily allotment; this may have jump-started the metabolism after weeks of barely eating any of them?
  3. I was in America for 2 days, during which time I ate in restaurants; while I didn't eat as much volume as I normally do (because of the PP), I figure what I was eating was likely higher in fat than I normally eat - which could have had the same effect as #2, above.
  4. I may have finally outlasted the impact of the abandoned diuretic; maybe my water stores are back in balance. Or,
  5. Maybe I had just done my time, and the plateau would have ended without any of the above.
Either way, I don't care.

Oh, and it sure feels good to see the "still remaining" number smaller than the "lost so far" number, regardless of how big the "still remaining" number is!

Loss this week: 4
Lost so far: 52.6
Still remaining: 47.4
Activity points earned this week: 20
Weeks to go: 32