Friday, February 4, 2011

Annie: When you just can't believe it

I took Child to Kelsey's for supper tonight - we had to be out and about running errands.

Kelsey's, while not fancy, serves good food, is very friendly to children, and provides nutritional info on its website for all its menu items: so was exactly what I needed on this Friday evening.

I have been there once before since starting this project with Mae, and decided on the "sizzling chicken fajitas." According to my PointsPlus counter and the nutritional information I found on Kelsey's website, it came out to 16 PP including both the fajita skillet and the "fajita setup" with sour cream and salsa. (The "setup" plate also includes some shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and sliced jalapenos.)

The nutritional info chart did say "see below for rice and tortillas" right below the fajitas entry, but since the "fajita setup" entry was immediately below the fajitas entry, I assumed the tortillas and rice were included in the setup.

What's that they say about "assume"?  Yeah yeah.

Fast forward to tonight, as I look critically at the fabulous sizzling fajita dinner before me... and realize there's no way on Earth all this is only 16PP.  I mean, there must be 2 breasts' worth of chicken, oil in the onion/pepper skillet, there's the cheese, there's about 1/4 cup sour cream (which I don't use, but which they would have had to count), and there's at least a cup of southwestern rice (looked more like two). PLUS the four tortillas.

So on arriving home, I head back to the nutritional info guide, and sure enough, way down at the bottom with the side dishes like french fries (even though you can't order tortillas as a side dish), are additional counts for the tortillas and the rice.

The tortillas alone are 6 -- I didn't bother to count the rice because I don't eat it, but I figure it would be in the neighbourhood of 12.

As it turns out I had enough PP today to be able to "afford" everything I'd eaten, but that could have been a heartbreaker!

Lesson learned for next time. Read the whole nutritional info document, just in case!


  1. You know what they also say about "if it looks too good to be true..."!

  2. Haha, I know, I know! That's why I kept investigating into the side dishes! :o)