Monday, October 25, 2010

Mae: Week 2 weigh-in

Things have slowed down considerably this week. I'm not all that surprised by this and know that week one is usually an anomaly. I'm down 1.2 pounds, but as a former WW leader once said, "down is down, and it ain't up, so be happy."

I finally got on the treadmill tonight and did 35 minutes of moderate to intense walking. I vow to make this a more regular event. Also, The Mister is on board and is following along with the iWatchr iPhone app. This makes things quite a bit easier because, well, we tend to eat badly together.

I hosted a little get-together at my house yesterday, and I made fairly healthy and low point stuff. Annie brought the most delicious dip (maybe she'll tell us about it in a forthcoming post) and the day could have been very manageable, points-wise. But I started to loose track, and was picking at things here and there thinking that I would add it up later (any seasoned WWer knows that this is a dangerous game and not advisable). I wasn't horrendously over, but I recognize that this is a bad habit that got me to this weight, so I have to keep that in check. I also tend to not want to count wine. Ugh. If only!

- 1.2

Loss to date
- 6.4

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  1. I WILL post about that dip in a future post, if you post about that lovely spinachy basilly creamy thing you served on baguette!