Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Annie: Weigh-in week 2

Yes, Mae's party featured some very, very delicious finger foods -- which, I'd have to say, are my most dangerous of danger foods. I could eat cheese, crackers, little sandwiches, hors d'oeuvres, etc etc all day long and never feel like I'd eaten anything! 

Mae, if you did go over by a few points yesterday, I'd be willing to bet you'd find yourself down another pound if you weighed yourself in a day or two. Not that I'm saying you should -- but without getting gross about it, sometimes the weight of the food we've eaten shows up on the scale even if said food will, er, be eliminated a few hours later.

I was lucky to be able to leave Mae's house of temptation and come home to the land of shrimp and vegetables, haha!

Weigh day rituals

As I showered this morning, I thought about the ladies who used to attend my Saturday morning meetings, and the rituals they all admitted to following on weigh day. The idea was to get rid of anything that might possibly weigh you down at the scale. So:
  • nothing to eat or drink all morning, of course (water is heavy!)
  • legs and underarms shaved
  • eyebrows plucked
  • cuticles trimmed
  • teeth flossed
  • a trip to the bathroom immediately before getting in line for the scale
  • shoes, jackets, sweaters, earrings off
So funny! There was even a woman who had first come to WW in the summertime, so her initial weigh-in had been in shorts and a t-shirt. She was so terrified of seeing that number go up as heavier winter clothes became required (jeans weigh up to 5 lbs, I'm told?) that she would come in dressed like a normal person in sub-zero weather, then change into her shorts and t-shirt to get weighed, then change back before heading back out. I'm not judging: you've got to do what you've got to do.

Lost this week: 2
Lost so far: 7
Still remaining: 93
Weeks to go: 50

I am going to be really happy when that "still remaining" number starts with an 8.

And next Thanksgiving I will read that last sentence and realize how far I've come... I hope.

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  1. You do know that you weigh more after a shower than before, right? ;)

    I'm excited that the next time I read your blog from home, your "still remaining" number will start with an 8! Go Annie, go!