Monday, October 18, 2010

Annie: Week 1 weigh-in

Mae: wow!!!  To lose 5.2 in a week that prevented you from getting exercise or good sleep, and kept throwing tempting high-point food your way?  That has to give you confidence for the year ahead!!

For my part, I lost an even 5 lbs in week 1.  It's good - I'll never complain about a 5-lb loss - but it's not the 7 lbs I lost in the first week the first time I was on WW. How sad is it that a 5 lb loss can have a downside?

Today is a day of three "eating out" meals for me - alert, alert!

I ate with 40 people at the Pancake House for breakfast, and was astonished that for a restaurant with 6 pages of breakfast choices, there were extremely few that would be points-friendly. Basically, my breakfast choices boiled down to a fruit cup (with or without cottage cheese) or a "breakfast parfait" with yogurt, fruit, and granola. The fruit cup would be easy to count, but would satisfy me for approximately 6 minutes; the parfait would stick with me a bit longer, but the counting would be tough (I don't generally eat granola: the "like factor" to "points requirement" ratio is too low).

So I ordered from the lunch menu: bagel, light cream cheese, smoked salmon.  It did hold me over until lunchtime (when I had sushi - easy to stay in line there!), too.

For dinner I'm eating out with Husband (Child is at grandma's tonight), but I have something like 18 points left to play with, and shouldn't have too hard a time finding something within that. So points crisis averted! (So far, at least.)

No exercise tonight: I'll be back in the saddle (with the sore butt to prove it) tomorrow night.

Lost so far: 5
Still remaining: 95
Weeks to go: 51

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  1. Mae sez: Go Annie go! That's awesome progress, and I'm not losing nearly as much per week now that I'm older (compared to last time on WW). I think it's one of those getting older things : )