Monday, October 18, 2010

Mae: Week 1 weigh-in

I've decided to make Monday mornings my weigh-in day. I think it's a good plan because it should help keep me honest on the weekends. I used to have a Friday weigh-in several years ago, and that spelled disaster. I was eventually not counting points on the weekend, and that resulted in a five day week on points instead of seven. I was also doing Body for Life (BFL) for a while and got into the nasty habit of having a pig-out day once a week (there is one 'free day' a week in the BFL program, and I decided to merge that with WW. This absolutely will not work unless you're following the BFL program exactly. Duh.). My results with BFL were pretty extraordinary, but I cannot maintain the very restrictive low-carb diet requirements.

It's been a pretty hectic first week, and work continues to proceed at a nutty pace. I also attended a conference that was replete with delicious food. However, I tracked all of my points and stayed within the guidelines. I also made it through a hockey game and a rather lavish party on the weekend without going over. I was starving, but it was worth it for the wine and finger food.

Unlike my friend Annie, I got absolutely no exercise this week. I'm also not doing very well on the sleep front (6.5 hours last night), so I clearly need to work on these two things. I am currently doing 1.5 hours of yoga a week, but missed it this past week because of conference commitments.

- 5.2

Points per day
With the weight lost in week one, I also lose one food point per day.

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  1. Way to go, Mae! What a crappy reward, less daily points available to you - but the system does work!