Monday, April 4, 2011

Mae: Still kickin' around

Annie knows (I hope!) that my irregular posting lately is not due to a lack of interest or anything of that sort. But life is pretty, pretty crazy right now, and I just have not had a whole lot of time for writing. I weighed today and I'm down 22.2 pounds from when I started. Wahoo! I'm home sick today and too tired and lazy to do the math. : ) 

Annie, I had a forest morning roll on a whim on Saturday and it was the highlight of the week. Must do the Domo!

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  1. Annie sez: Yes, well I am glad it is you with that crazy life, and not me! I am too old for it. :o)

    Congrats on 22.2! And anytime you want to do the Domo, you just let me know. JR discovered the joy of the forest morning roll last week too - I am sure she will join us!