Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 27


There is no reason for this - I left 31 bonus points on the table, and earned 28 activity points that I didn't use, either.

I was weighing myself all week, and as of last Wednesday, was actually DOWN a pound - stayed down that pound all week, and then was mysteriously up on Monday.

Double-checked on Tuesday morning just in case it had been some kind of mirage, but nope - it's real.

As I said to The Faithful Mo in an email this morning, maybe it's my gigantic leg muscles, haha!  Sunday night was my first crack at walk 2 run 6 (x3), and while it wasn't easy, I managed it - and felt great afterwards. In fact, I felt great right up until I stepped on the scale Monday morning.


GAIN this week: 1.1
Lost so far: 64
Still remaining: 36
Activity points earned this week: 28
Weeks to go: 25

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