Monday, April 11, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 26

Wow - it's been half a year.

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with an old friend who is planning a WW adventure of her own in the next little while - we talked about food, and the program, and running, on top of all the usual topics. (The "usual topics" are what our kids were up to, on their play date happening at all points in my house!)

Over tea, we chatted about our challenges. She seems inspired by the success I've been having, and I am inspired that she's motivated to get healthier, even though she's currently just over my GOAL weight! Smart people get in control before things get so bad that they have 100 lbs to lose - I get that now, and admire her for it.  :o)

I know more about the WW program, but she knows more about running, so we'll be in good position to support each other as she gets underway!

It's funny to think about how I'm only halfway through the year, but a fair bit beyond the half-way mark on the weight loss goal I had set for The Thanksgiving Project. It's a good thing it's worked out this way, because I know the early pounds go much more quickly than the later ones... it's good to know I have a bit of progress in-hand for when the next plateau comes.

What else is funny, is that I feel like I'm almost there. I mean, I know I'm not: I still have 35 pounds to go, and that's a lot. And even then, my goal weight is a goal weight set by my doctor given my body shape, and well above the recommended "healthy" BMI for my height.  So really, I'm not "almost there" by any objective measure.

But I have to say, I am feeling so good right now. I feel fit, I feel pretty, and I feel like I'm in control.

It feels good!

I hope I have a while to enjoy this before the next plateau.  :o)

Loss this week: 2.9
Lost so far: 65.1
Still remaining: 34.9
Activity points earned this week: 18
Weeks to go: 26

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  1. How nice to read all those positive feelings about yourself - this is what it's all about!

    How was Pallini by the way? You ran by it last week! :)