Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mae: Week 22 weigh-in

Oopsy about not reporting in last week (I was distracted and busy), but there is very little change to report.

However, I was chatting with Annie on the weekend about what she has blogged, below. I have always subscribed to this theory: that I have something akin to an 'addiction.' And I believe that my own dysfunctional background, and the way in which food (bad food) was used as a substitute for anything and everything emotional, has everything to do with it. It's my history, as much as I wish it wasn't.

I realize that WW is a 'lifestyle' blah blah blah not a diet blah blah, but that generally all goes out the window when I'm in crisis and need a crutch to just keep the pieces together. One side of my family is plagued with a nasty history of alcoholism, and this all sounds far too familiar to me. Food, just like liquor, cannot be the answer, and I know that in the academic sense. To say that I come by these bad habits honestly is an understatement. I have a lot of unlearning to do, especially during those more vulnerable moments. Like Annie, I too will *always* have to be vigilant.

Weigh-in: -0.4
Loss to date: 20.2
Pounds to go: 61.8

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  1. Annie sez: CONGRATS on crossing the 20-lb threshold! Way to go Mae!

    It's weird - I can see where you would have developed the eat-instead-of-feel instinct; as sad as it is to say, it makes sense that you would struggle with this. (That also makes it so impressive that you ARE staring it down!)

    I still haven't figured out what makes me eat compulsively. It's not about stress or emotion at all, that I can tell: my binges have never been related to high highs or low lows, or good news or bad news. Or stress. Just look at Saturday: Child and I had a lovely day - then I got to go out with a girlfriend to the movies - really, what more could I ask? But something snapped... still don't know what it was.

    Also, I'm not aware that anyone else in my family has an "unhealthy" relationship with food. We all love food, don't get me wrong - and we're all pretty good cooks. But they all seem to be able to say "that's enough" naturally, whereas I can't.

    I wonder what Dr. Phil would make of me, haha!