Monday, March 28, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 24

Talk about a setback.

In the last half of last week, I really did run off the rails - I was very tired of being sick and feeling like hell all the time, wasn't sleeping because I was coughing all the time, and I consoled myself with food.

But I didn't go insane and eat junk constantly for 4 days, which I think I likely would have had to do to gain 10 real pounds in a week.

So I'm taking this pragmatically, and attributing it to a combination of weight-loss illusions over the last two weeks while I was sick with the flu, and water weight which is now a factor, and just re-focusing. I'm mentally back where I need to be, and physically it'll follow.

I did get back on the treadmill yesterday and made it through my second session in two weeks - but was able to sleep through the night last night without any coughing fits, so am pretty sure I'll be able to resume my normal schedule now. Coach Mo says I should repeat my last week of my conditioning plan because my body will be a bit shocked to get back into the routine, so that's what I'm doing.

Weight loss: 3 weeks' ground lost.
Running program: 2 weeks lost.

I hope that's my last flu for a while.

GAIN this week: 9.9
Lost so far: 51.5
Still remaining: 48.5
Activity points earned this week: 5
Weeks to go: 28


  1. I am so glad to hear you got your Sunday workout done and had a good sleep - a few more of those and you'll be golden. Take it from someone who knows about being sidelined - be patient the first week or two back and don't feel badly about going "backwards". I designed your training plan so long assuming you would have some setbacks, so don't worry!

    And this week's gain is as much BS as last week's loss, but if you're able to get back into your routine you'll be back on track within a week or two. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

    Don't think of this as 2 weeks' ground lost on training and 3 weeks' ground lost on weight loss - look at where you have come from. And looking forward, Pallini is only a month away! :)

  2. Oops, used the wrong profile. It's Mo!

  3. Annie sez: Ha - thanks Mo, I knew it was you! :o)

    The good news is that I'm firmly back in "the zone" after a wobbly few days there. Feeling good, and hitting the treadmill again tomorrow morning for the first of my repeat week sessions.

    Imagine, I made it all the way from kindergarten through my masters' degree without ever getting "held back," and then ended up having to repeat week 6 of my learn-to-run program! Ha!