Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 23

This was a bad week. I had a flu that was worse than any flu I've ever had, I'm pretty sure - and I'm not over it yet.

The upshot is a big loss that isn't likely real (I wasn't eating a whole lot - felt like garbage), and almost a week away from the treadmill.

I managed to do one treadmill session on Sunday, but one out of the four I shoot for every week (three of which are required for my 5K conditioning program) is not satisfying at all.

I am generally feeling better, but am still coughing like a maniac - so treadmill is still a bit iffy. (Yesterday I was thinking I was on a quick rebound, as Sunday's treadmill session hadn't been too bad... but then last night I had a coughing fit so bad that I choked, and burst blood vessels in my eyelids in the process. I'm the vision of loveliness today, let me tell you, with my two black eyes.)

So the bottom line is, we'll see how this week goes. I'm feeling well enough to have my appetite back, but not thinking I'll be able to double-up on treadmill visits as I'd hoped. I'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Loss this week: 6.2
Lost so far: 61.4
Still remaining: 38.6
Activity points earned this week: 5
Weeks to go: 29

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