Sunday, July 3, 2011

Annie: early weigh-in (week 38)

We're headed out of town this afternoon for a few days, and I won't be near a computer OR a scale until late Wednesday.

Not sure that's entirely a bad thing.  :D

The story here is this: no story. Kept on keeping on, barely made a dent. But I think that's just how the last 20 are going to be.

Those last 20 are jerks.

In the "here's how far I've come" department, try this on for size: Husband is at work today, we're leaving right after he gets home, and by the time we arrive at our destination tonight, it'll be too dark to run. (It's a rural setting - no street lights.)

Old Annie would have said "so that's why I can't run today."

Instead, New Annie paid a sitter $10 to play with Child for the hour of my "long slow distance" run this afternoon. And it was worth every penny!

On the topic of the LSD runs, I have to say I'm beginning to really love Sundays because of them. Every week, I get to travel new ground (even if it's only a half-km at a time); every Sunday, I have a reason to feel proud of myself.

Yay Sunday!

Hoping to find myself down, finally, by the time I get home mid-week - will report back.

Loss this week: 0.6 (the same 0.6 I mysteriously gained last Monday)
Lost so far: 83
Still remaining: 17
Activity points earned this week: 42
Weeks to go: 14


  1. Hey Annie, I love that you say "even if it's only a half-km at a time" - remember a time when you couldn't run even that far? It wasn't that long ago but doesn't it just seem crazy?! You are doing so great and have every right to be incredibly proud of yourself. I know we are! :)

  2. Annie: That is amazing... and quite an innovative way to find some running time, I never would have thought of that!

    That kinda goes along with my lesson learned last week (+3.8 lbs)... NO EXCUSES!!!