Monday, June 13, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 35

Either I'm on yet another plateau, or I need to start eating more of my PointsPlus.

Plateaus (eaux?) are discouraging, but par for the course... I've been on this program long enough now to get that. In fact, steep downhills and plateaus seem to be all I have anymore. Last time around I had pretty regular 2 lb losses most weeks, with the occasional sharp decline or low-loss week (and the very occasional gain) - this time, I seem to have many weeks with negligible losses, followed by a week with a sharp drop. It doesn't seem to be related to what I'm eating or how much I'm exercising or the phases of the moon, even - it just seems to be what my body does these days. Hmm.

And what's up with my font? Everything's all weird!


I've learned in the last two weeks that I need to have a goal to work towards, and a program to measure myself against, to feel truly motivated.

After my 5K, The Faithful Mo said just to keep running my 10/1s until the new 10K program started - and it was amazing how much less motivated I felt to do it! I kept going out because I know I need to do it if I want not to have lost any fitness when I do start again... and because I like the fringe benefits like getting more PointsPlus to eat... but I didn't feel that same compelling pull.

Then, Mo sent my 10K training schedule over the weekend, and already I feel it again. It's so funny - I know I'm a Myers-Briggs "J" and "S" and need order and clear deliverables, but this is crazy!  At any rate, Mo's schedule is up on my fridge, and I'm now excited to hit the treadmill tonight (thunderstorms in the forecast) and cross off my first box!  :)

PointsPlus dilemma

In the last few weeks, I've been eating my daily PointsPlus allowance, and then only eating extra if I've earned them with activity. So I'm not eating any of my "weekly points allowance" (formerly "FlexPoints").  Is that behind the plateau? Dunno. I'll stick to it this week, and if the plateau persists, will switch it up next week. With pizza, ha! Stay tuned.

A first

A teacher at Child's pre-school told me today she thinks I've lost enough weight and should stop here. She's wrong (and even gave that opinion when I was wearing my raincoat!), but it's the first time I've heard that in a long, long time. Wrong, but nice!

Loss this week: 0.2
Lost so far: 79.5
Still remaining: 20.5
Activity points earned this week: 27
Weeks to go: 17

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