Monday, May 16, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 31

Nothing unusual or unexpected this week, really. It was a relief to be back home and in control of my own meals.

Not sure how I got turned around on the math, but I had somewhere along the line credited myself with a 2 lb loss I hadn't yet earned. So the numbers below reflect the new reality - those mystery 2 lbs have been put back on the shelf, to be lost sometime soon!

Malibu Stacey: "math is hard!"

Loss this week: 1.5
Lost so far: 72.1
Still remaining: 27.9
Activity points earned this week: 32
Weeks to go: 21


  1. Annie, you are losing so much weight, you need an accountant to help you calculate your losses! I know of one for the job! :)

  2. Annie sez: LOL! Just have to take off shoes and socks next time. :D