Monday, May 9, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 30

This was a week of running blind.

I was out of town for the whole week, and eating in restaurants/living in hotels. I had no idea how many points just about anything was, though I ate at Subway at every opportunity (that was 4 times, for the record) because it was at least a known quantity.

I never came across a sushi place, so that was out, too.

But I made it work, somehow. I grabbed a banana and a skim milk from the breakfast buffet every morning. I chose southwestern chicken salads of various types in 3 different places, since I knew the veg would be 0 and the chicken low, as long as I kept the dressing to a minimum (which I did, by ordering it on the side). I had burgers a couple of times (they were amazing, and well worth the points!) because I was actually worrying a bit about coming up too short on points and decreasing my metabolism. Who knows whether that was actually necessary, but I enjoyed them, so it was worth it either way.

On the exercise front, I did pretty well - I ran outside twice, and once on a treadmill in the hotel. The first outdoor run was very early in the morning, running around and around a nearby government office parking lot, as though it were a track. The second outdoor run posed a challenge for me, as I was in a major US city's downtown and the skyscrapers blocked the satellite signals to my Garmin watch. So I was without any pace information (which is tough for me, because I have no sense of my pace whatsoever!) for about half my run - a bit weird, but I managed! I have no idea whether I covered my full 5K, but I do know that I completed my full three sets of w1r8, which was the main thing.

The reason I have my activity points down as 50+ is that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were each spent walking... pretty much day and night. It would have averaged out to at least eight hours per day of walking on each of those three days... as well as three hours Tuesday night, now that I think about it. Between my three scheduled runs and all that walking, you can likely see why I didn't worry too hard about the two burgers, haha!

Arrived home last night, and had a lovely sushi dinner for mothers' day. It's great to be home!

And now... I'm off to run, in my first w1r9 outdoors, before the downpour starts.

Loss this week: 2
Lost so far: 72.6
Still remaining: 27.4
Activity points earned this week: 50+
Weeks to go: 22

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  1. Wow, awesome Annie! I was very happy to hear about your runs while you were away and was confident because of that you'd still post a loss despite being on the road - which is very hard - so well done!