Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Annie: weigh-in week 43

I'm not letting it bug me.  I'm not letting it bug me.  I'm not letting it bug me. 

I'm letting it bug me.

Cognitively, I know this is my pattern these days... little payoff for lots of hard work for three weeks, and then a pretty decent payoff for one (sometimes two). But emotionally, it gets pretty tough by week 3 of the pattern.

This last week, I ran 23.5 km and left 28 activity points on the table, not to mention the 49 extra "Weekly Points Allowance" points I didn't eat.  It makes me wonder whether I'd be losing anything at all -- or even gaining -- if I was living on the edge of the program, eating all my allowed points. I mean, how can I be barely scraping by, leaving 75+ points on the table?

I know, I know.

Let's just hope I get my reward next week.

GAIN this week: 0.3
Lost so far: 90
Still remaining: 10
Activity points earned this week: 38
Weeks to go: 9

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  1. If it's any consolation, you look smokin' hot! :)